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English Mastiffs - Finding Reputable Breeders

 English Mastiffs - Breeders - Pictures
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MacTaggart Old English Mastiffs
English Mastiffs are considered to be the heaviest breed of dog. According to the standard, their weight should be about 175-190 pounds. However, individual dogs can be much larger. Color patterns also differ from one dog to another. English Mastiffs can be fawn, brindle, or apricot in color. Although there are a number of features peculiar to the breed, each dog is unique and needs special treatment. What type of dog you want to see as your companion or competitor depends solely on your taste.

Obviously, the right choice of an English Mastiff breeder plays a vital role in the whole of your future dog ownership. In order not to make a gaffe and save your pains when finding a breeder, try to listen to some specialists' pieces of advice.

It is recommended to start looking for English Mastiff breeders in one of the breed clubs. As a rule, club members deal with the English Mastiff for quite a long time. It is not just a hobby for them, since much time is devoted to learning more about the breed, participating in various research studies, rescue work, competitions, and other activities connected with breed promotion.

 English Mastiffs - Breeders - Pictures
Photo source:
MacTaggart Old English Mastiffs
Buying an English Mastiff puppy from such a breeder is one of the safest ways of acquiring a healthy dog. Besides, the decision to buy a puppy registered with a breed club has other pluses. Clubs usually supply owners with a lot of information on how to feed an English Mastiff, train a puppy or a young dog, and other tips necessary in such a hard business as dog owning. Very likely, you will be provided with a list of health screens recommended for English Mastiffs, and a few addresses of vets and other services.

It can be that you will not find a breeder immediately. There is some sense to gathering data on available English Mastiffs in other states, and even countries. Many breeders announce their new litters before the actual time of birth.

No matter where you buy an English Mastiff puppy from, there are certain questions that will help you to find out whether the breeder is worth your trust. Make sure the breeder has enough experience with the English Mastiff. Check pedigrees and that a set of shots was given to the puppy. Determine if the breeder is willing to help you overcome potential difficulties with your future dog. It is wise also to talk to a few breed owners who bought their English Mastiffs from this very breeder, and ask for references.

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English Mastiffs - Breeders Links - US

 English Mastiffs - Breeders - Pictures
Photo source:
Catos Old English Mastiffs

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English Mastiffs - Breeders Links - International

 English Mastiffs - Breeders - Pictures
Photo source:
The Mastiff Sweet Spot

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Res Rusticaes Mastiffs - Breeders of English Mastiffs since 1983. Germany.

Disclaimer: We do not endorse or guarantee any pets, breeders or their advertisers. We recommend that you contact as many breeders as possible. This will allow you to obtain the best education before purchasing an animal. Ask questions, get references, and ask for written proof of registrations and any other certifications.

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