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English Mastiffs can be acquired in one of many rescue organizations. They are abandoned for the same reasons other breeds are, such as the change of the owner's living conditions, incapability of further keeping a dog, abuse, and others. Before bringing an English Mastiff into your home, be careful to educate yourself about the breed. The information of this sort is usually available in rescues and clubs that are often involved in rescue activities.

English Mastiffs are the giants of the canine world. These large dogs need suitable living conditions. Apartment dwellers should think twice before adopting an English Mastiff. The presence of a mountain-like dog in your apartment will make it seem much smaller. The dog will hardly enjoy constant pressure for space either.

A home seems to be an ideal place for an English Mastiff. The dog can comfortably rest in a quiet corner of the house. It is important for an English Mastiff to have its private place where no one will disturb it.

The backyard is the perfect playground for dogs. English Mastiffs are keen on pleasing their owners and doing things together. The only thing to keep in mind is the fact that English Mastiffs do not like hot weather. They should always have enough fresh water at their disposal.

As for foods, it is advised to supply English Mastiffs with dry foods that contain a balanced norm of proteins, fats, minerals, and other elements indispensable for the dog's health.

Be careful not to overfeed your English Mastiff. As a rule, rescued dogs are spayed/neutered. They do not need additional calories to produce and feed their progeny. That is why their metabolic reactions are lower than in intact dogs. Therefore, the diet of a spayed/neutered English Mastiff should be tailored accordingly to avoid obesity.

Obesity in English Mastiffs can be handled in the course of activity. Actually, the breed cannot do without exercise. Deprived of regular physical activity, English Mastiffs turn into decrepit creatures by the age of six years. Heart conditions are also the consequence of lack of exercise.

If trained and cared for properly, English Mastiffs make wonderful companions. They are famous for their devotion to their owner, and are rated excellent with children. Quiet, agreeable personality of English Mastiffs is most definitely what many dog lovers are really after.

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